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​​​EXTREME Grip Power 

Gripping Power up to 45 Degree Angle

Inner Layer Protection

Reduces Impact & Vibration

B&H Photo
Customer Reviews:  
  * * * * *  (48)

"One of the store's sales team mentioned these to me, and I bought them for a friend who loves them"


"I have dropped so many drives  over the past few years because of them slipping  off the table or desk.  

This product ends all of  that.  Get one  for every drive you have."

  Gripping Power for All Tech Devices​​​​

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Customer Reviews: 
   * * * * *  (6)
-  "Very effective in anti-slipping on smooth surface. 

​       No longer worry my portable hard disks from dropping to the floor."

-  "All of my DJ buddies have bought these after seeing them at a gig  on my drive.   

GripITtech Extreme Grip Power

PRESS RELEASE  - Extreme Grip Pad Methods,  10/15
Announces New Product Update


Variety of Uses - Interchangeable