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EXTREME Grip Power for All Tech Devices

GripITtech Extreme Grip Power

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​​​Used by Professionals
Audio & Video Editors

Educational Training Centers,
Schools & Colleges,  ​Music Studios,
DJ’s, Broadway Theaters 
Great for Everyone!

GripITtech  EXTREME GripIT Pads

Variety of  Uses. . .​​

-  Computer Hard Drives 

-  Wireless & Mobile Devices
-  Cameras & Accessories

-  Cuts to Any Size & Works on Everything!  

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Customer Reviews:   4.8  
 * * * * *  (48)
"One of the store's sales team mentioned these to me, and I bought them for a friend who loves them"​


"I have dropped so many drives  over the past few years because of them slipping  off the table or desk. 

This product ends all of  that.  Get one  for every drive you have."
Customer Reviews:   4.7   
* * * * *  (7)
​After 2 weeks, working well...

“So far so good, works great for a Samsung SSD, and attaching it to the back of a MacBook Pro."

Five Stars...

"Very effective in anti-slipping on smooth surface. No longer worry my portable hard disks from dropping to the floor."

Great expander for MacBook Pro.